Put Mobile First 

The Facts: Mobile App

  • 2 million mobile apps
  • 83% of marketing executives said mobile apps are important to content marketing.
  • Mobile users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to the mobile web.

Today’s businesses are embracing apps to increase customer engagement, and make employees more productive. Apps have now monopolized the time spent on mobile devices. As a result, it is now becoming more important for companies to have their own mobile app.

Gentraf Mobile App development delivers a turn-key solution to support the full life cycle of the app. We plan, design, develop, launch and manage the app to ensure it delivers customer expectations.


Push Messaging

Engage the audience inside the app by sending Push Messages. Reach out to your customers and employees to: introduce a new product, share an event update or make an announcement. Use Geo-tagging to communicate with users in a target geographical area. You can send the messages right away or schedule it for future delivery.


Real-Time Chat

Real-time chat provides live chat through an  app and website.  Answer pre or post sales questions faster. Give your mobile employees an option to connect with the help-desk using their smartphone, tablet or computer.



Access remote documents, videos and images right from your own app. This way users can easily find the information in one spot.  Provide access to product information, price list, inventory, sales collateral, pdf documents, manuals and forms.


Mobile Commerce

Create you own mCommerce store and sell through the app. Showcase products for customer to purchase, add to the shopping cart and check out. Customers can pay by debit/credit cards or pay cash if they plan to pick up.



Do you need your audience to complete a survey or fill a form to request information? Store these forms in your app and the users can easily submit it without having to print or email. They can even sign it.



You can now share  articles directly in an app. When you post a new article, send push notification to advise the users about the new articles.


Loyalty Card

Increase customer loyalty and get customers back more frequently. The loyalty card allows retailers to award points to their customers and they can redeem the points for discounts and special incentives. No POS integration required.


Restaurant Menu

Give customers the option to view your menu on their mobile devices. Create a menu with categories, description, photos, price. Send your app users a push message to feature soup of the day or today’s special.  Let your customers make reservations from the app. Increase take out and catering sales by adding food ordering feature.



Customers continue to  shop around for special deals and coupons. Now you can add your coupons and the customers can redeem  directly from the app. If you prefer, you will get a notification every time a coupon is redeemed. No POS integration required.


Social Media

Engage with your customers on social media right from the app. Link your social pages and allow your customers to like, view, follow, and interact with your social pages.



Whether you’re organizing a workshop, charity event or theme nights, you can now share these directly with your app users. Add it to the calendar and send a push message to keep the excitement or to remind everyone. The event information is always up to date.



Do you need to provide customers with troubleshooting tips or frequently asked questions? Display a list of questions and answers so that the customer can find the information easily.



People is a feature that allows you to create profiles. These “profiles” is a great way to introduce certain individuals on a mobile app. You can share a list of people, contact information, bio, descriptions and photos through our “Profiles” feature. You could even list the employees of the month or award winners.



POI stands for “Points of Interest.” POI is used to display different locations of your company’s offices, or recreational facilities close to user’s location. Users can select these markers to read more information about these locations or to calculate the directions to the location.



Our Analytics module allows you to find out the number of users, their location, their behavior, their activity, and how much time they spend in the app and more. Use the data to better understand your audience.