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Its hard to tell if the next person getting out of the car to get a closer look at your sale sign is your next buyer. Don’t lose any potential leads because they can’t get hold of you right away. Make your For Sale sign, Flyers and Ads are SMART, Once the home buyer engages with your SMART platform, you can build rapport by notifying them of new listings and related tips and offers.

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Never miss an opportunity to connect with a potential home buyer., Our platform automatically responds to requests for property information, 24 hours a day. SMART sign uses a keyword and potential buyers can text. Our platform is setup to send automated information so that the buyers are engaged with the listing.

SMART Flyers, Ads


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Print media is not providing the returns it once did. While most agree flyers and ad are obsolete, this may not be the case in every geographical market. If you still use print media, make it SMART. For realtors that are more focused on listings, they can engage the sellers by texting a keyword to receive information on home selling price in the neighborhood.