Are you to ready to drive more customer traffic to your store? In today's digital age, traditional flyers don't work as well. Gentraf Mobile & Digital marketing enables you to reach new customers and get existing customers back more frequently.

Drive Traffic



Increase in-store traffic by connecting with the customers on the web and social media. Let new customers experience your brick and mortal location through digital marketing. Invite customers to join your distribution list and stay connected by Email, Text and Push Messaging.


Reward Customers



How do you reward your customer for their loyalty? Acquiring new customers can be 5 times the cost of retaining an existing one. Research shows 50-60 percent of new customers don’t come back. Give your customers an incentive to come back. It’s not always giving them a free trip to the Bahamas. Create a custom rewards program that gives customers points when they shop. They can redeem their points ┬áto save in-store or get rewards to experience new products and service. The more they spend or more often they come back, the sooner they can redeem.




Customers are always shopping and looking for the best deal. Create your own customized coupons and send it to your customer’s mobile phones. Give them the option to receive these coupons through the App, SMS and Email. They can also download the coupons from the web or social media.





Do you have products that can be sold online? Create a brand new showroom without having to worry about paying more rent, merchandising or managing another physical location. Start with a few products or showcase hundreds of products in the App or on the Web. Let you customers browse, shop and buy from their desktop, smartphones or tablets.