Digital Platform Partner
Engage Customers and Employees

Digital Platform Partner
Engage Customers and Employees


Put Mobile FirstĀ 

The Facts: 4.77 Billion Mobile Users

  • Approximately 300 million mobile phones in North America
  • 80% of all online adults own a smartphone
  • Over two-thirds of smartphone users surveyed, say that they check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning
  • More than eighty-seven percent of millennials always have their smartphones at their side, day and night

Still not sure about engaging the audience on a mobile platform? According to Catalyst Canada, 76% Canadians owned a smartphone in 2016.

The Opportunity

With over 4.77 billion mobile users worldwide and 300 million in North America, mobile technology has created a vast ecosystem. No other technology has experienced mass adoption at this level. It is no coincidence that large enterprises are investing in Mobile-First for digital marketing. Despite this growing phenomenon, companies still struggle to minimize fragmentation between app, web, social media, and messaging. It is time to evolve and grow your business with Gentraf.


The Solution: A Mobile-First Approach

We partner with our clients to deliver a Mobile-First strategy. It is a cohesive digital marketing experience that works across multiple platforms and technologies. We use strategy, creativity, and technology to make you more valuable to your customers.