Customer Management Process


Our team takes the time to fully understand your business, market segment, and competitive landscape to help bring future growth and success for your business. Discovery gives us insight and helps us to understand your target audience and increase online engagement.

Research Analysis
Understanding the audience is crucial for online success. To reach the right audience, it is essential to know who they are and how they behave and respond to online engagement. Our user research uncovers facts that are the foundation of successful design, development, and marketing.
Market & Competitive Analysis
Every market has unique opportunities to develop and grow. Our market segment and competitive analysis helps identify these opportunities. Learn what competitors are doing right and where they are missing the opportunity. How can your business be differentiated online? How can you deliver superior experience and value to your customers? For any brand to stand out, it needs to differentiate itself and deliver superior experience. We investigate the competition to understand their strengths, how they engage the customers, and how to make it work for you.


Having a plan and strategy is crucial to achieve success. At Gentraf, we are experienced and equipped to leverage the most advanced technologies and are way ahead of the curve in developing innovative strategies to support digital platforms. Working with our team means you get an exceptional level of expertise to help and guide you through the planning phase.

Positing & Strategy
How do customers perceive your brand? Is your current strategy attracting new customers and making existing customers loyal? Online engagement involves researching user profiles and responses. We work with facts to build a strategy that brings new customers and makes them loyal, for long term success. We believe brand loyalty is crucial for any business to grow and be profitable.
Brand Development
Every business should have a compelling brand story. Our team helps develop and deliver your story. We take the time to understand your business, your mission, and your future vision. Next, we identify a marketable audience and learn about the triggers that inspire them to engage. With this information in mind, we work with you to develop a marketing strategy to connect with the targeted audience and speak to them.
Visualizing the concept helps develop a platform to meet customer expectations. Wireframing is the process that allows you to review your site design concept, layout, and where content and visual images will appear. This is all prior to selecting design elements such as colour palette, images, and typography. Our wireframing design team will craft a design for your review as part of the website, software, and app creation process. This allows us to set up the entire site correctly, and to eliminate any potential user issues early on in the process, thereby saving you time and money.

Design & Development

At Gentraf, we are passionate about the design, and we never settle for less than extraordinary. Our websites, software, and apps are custom-crafted to engage the audience and achieve business goals. Our designers and developers have the vision and talent to make a website come alive. Your audience will enjoy interacting with your business online.


Visual design must inspire positive attitudes, emotions, and actions to connect on a human level. Our design team has a full grasp of online user expectations, behaviors, and habits. First impressions count, and it is the window that will reveal the quality of your brand. We help guide your audience exactly where you want them to go.

Mobile First Responsive Design for any device
We design and develop software platforms that function perfectly on any screen size. Our Mobile-First development strategy keeps us ahead of the curve and gives us the ability to create sites for the millions of mobile users simultaneously searching for products and services. Let us help you connect with your target audience anywhere, any time.


The right platform and coding technique is what makes a site function seamlessly, respond quickly, and meet user expectations. We focus on delivering a positive and engaging user experience. Our developers produce a site that incorporates advanced technologies with secure interface. Our development team is well versed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery to .NET, Ruby, and PHP.

Quality Code For Superb Functionality

Our coders have advanced training and experience allowing us to create the best software platform. Every member of our team prides themselves on managing details to create the best user experience. Our coding process involves ensuring maximum performance and smooth operation with no slowdowns from unnecessary code. We optimize images, HTML, CSS, and Javacript for the speediest page load in order to apply for flawless user experience.

CMS Design & Implementation

Keeping the website and software applications content fresh is imperative to keep the users engaged. Manage your digital platforms using our Easy-to-Use Content Management System, CMS. No coding skills are required. Our platform can grow your business engaging in the following types of activities:

Control the Content
The right CMS helps you update the site, and keep it relevant to the changes within and around your business. It is powerful, fast, and simple to use in order to upload new content.
Manage Users and Features
Secure digital applications and websites require user management to add and remove users or modify their access level. Our CMS supports this functionality. You can also control the features and send forum messages to a single user, a group, or to a global audience.
Mangage Performance
What is working and what is not? Analytics helps you understand how the platform is being used. View how users are engaging with the content, how much time they are spending, and how often they access the website.


Any new website or software platform can have bugs and system glitches due to system variances.

Automated Testing
Detect bugs before launching the platform. These tools provide end-to-end testing of desktop, web, and mobile applications.
Manual Testing

We go through a variety of quality assurance and control tests on new and established software systems for desktop and mobile apps. Our team does manual testing for web services, browser apps, and websites for bugs within UI/UX. We also do hardware configuration and multiple operating environment testing.

Maintenance & Support

In today’s digital ecosystem, nothing is static. This means maintenance and support is vital in order to ensure that your website is delivering peak performance.

Content & Analytics
No time to manage content? No problem. We can manage content, product, and design updates in order to keep the platform fresh and relevant. Our team also works with you to track user behaviours through analytics.
Security & Performance
Our developers provide ongoing application maintenance that includes updating the development platform with new releases. Updating to latest version avoids the vulnerability present in previous versions and prevents hackers from inserting malicious code through plugins. Such malicious codes can steal your confidential information or even create a bad SEO impact.