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We build apps that users love. Whether you need an app to connect with your customers or to communicate with your employees, we have the experience and expertise to develop it for you.
Business Application Development Toronto

Business Apps

Companies are increasingly using apps to reach people where they are – on their smartphones, Always-On and Always-Connected. Stay connected with your customers and employees with your own App. Gentraf Mobile App development delivers a turn-key solution to support the full life cycle of the app. We plan, design, develop, launch, and manage the app to ensure it aligns with your business objectives.
Mobile App Development Toronto

Exceptional User Experience

Let us help you deliver an exceptional user experience with a well designed, robust, secure, and user-friendly mobile app. We work with our customers to ensure that your users are downloading the app and are actively engaging with the content.

Engage Customers or Employees

We have extensive experience in creating apps that consumers use to join a Rewards Program, redeem coupons, and shop. Our B2B apps help businesses boost employee productivity and collaboration.








With Gentraf, you have a choice. Not every company is ready for a custom app development. Instead, our Rapid Development option allows you to have a live app with a low development and a low maintenance budget.

Business Application Development Toronto

Custom Mobile App

Our developers are experienced in creating highly customized apps that meet your needs, specifications, and budget. We make sure your app is developed in a timely manner and that the app evolves in order to support changing user expectations and technology.

Mobile App Development Toronto

Rapid Mobile App

Get your ideas implemented within weeks with our Rapid Mobile App Development Platform. We create rapid apps for industry-specific solutions. These apps are built on a pre-configured framework and still allows us to customize the design, features, and functionality.

Advanced and Innovative App Development

Our developers are always exploring the latest technological changes and app trends in order to ensure that your app is built and maintained with clean coding, superior UX/UI, engaging content and seamless user experience. We can help you harness the full potential of your mobile app.

App Development for iOS and Android

At Gentraf, we develop mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms using Native, Cross-Platform, and Hybrid development. Our development process is designed to create a robust app with exceptional performance.

App Performance

The native mobile app is developed and optimized for a specific platform. While developing native apps, our team not only focuses on the code but also the architect and UX/UI. As a result, the app delivers high performance and salability. Native apps are very fast and responsive because they are built for that specific platform and are compiled using the platforms core programming language and APIs. When users navigate through a native mobile app, most contents and visual elements are already stored on the phone itself, which means quicker response times and superior user experience.

More Interactive And Intuitive

Native mobile apps inherit device operating system interfaces, which makes them look and feel like an integrated part of the device. This allows the user to learn the app faster, and allows users to interact with apps using actions and gestures that they are familiar with already. The biggest advantage is the superior user experience as the app is created specifically for an operating system.

Long Term Benefits

The initial cost may be higher with native app development. However, in the long term, companies end up saving a lot of time and money during development and maintenance. By offering a great user experience, higher performance, and leveraging the device capabilities, native apps are able to provide your users with a more personalized experience, which is typically more rewarding in the long-term.


Our Analytics module allows you to find out the number of users, their location, their behavior, their activity, how much time they spend in the app, and more. Use this data to better understand your audience.

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