We Bring it Together

Our team is composed of software developers, designers, marketers, and technology enthusiasts. There are two things that brings us together: our passion to understand marketing and technology, and our enthusiasm in helping our clients evolve and grow.

We have been in marketing and technology consulting for many years; some of us are seasoned and experienced dinosaurs while others are young, and brimming with genius.

Committed to Your Growth

We are all about “Customer First.” We are committed to helping our customers grow and evolve by enabling leading-edge digital marketing and engagement platforms. As Mobile-First marketing specialists, we ensure our customers understand how current and emerging trends impact their business.  We will give you all the time and share our expertise as our ultimate goal is to become your “Trusted Adviser” for mobile and digital engagement.

Our Platform

Our mobile app development platform is focused on 3 principles: design, simplicity, and performance. We deliver solutions that have a solid foundation, and that are scalable to support your growth. Mobile apps are powerful tools for a business. By having an app, you can give your clients the ability to engage your business from their smartphone.

The goal of a mobile app is to help you achieve the following:

  1. Sandbox Engagement:
    Control and create the way your customer engages with your content
  2. Capture Customer Data:
    Capture customer data to help make better business decisions
  3. Re-Market to Customers:
    Re-engage customers and promote secondary purchases, and referrals
  4. Provide Additional Value:
    Identify what is important to customers and give them access to it from their fingertips
Our mobile-first web platform allows you to create rich, engaging, and informational content that can help your audience in making informed decisions about your products and services.

Our integrated solution helps you with creating mobile/web content. The mobile site is conducive to achieving one of two goals:

  1. Action/Conversion:
    The web visitor needs to engage your business, by doing an action like: call, email, subscribe, or a contact form inquiry
  2. Inform/Educate:
    The web visitor needs to be informed or educated on your services
Our social media platform supports a variety of social channels. Each channel is managed through our platform to help you get increased reach, engagement, and conversion.

Our platform can grow your business by two doing types of activities:

  1. Driving Engagement:
    Have the ability to publish content that engages your audience to make potential purchases
  2. Creating a Brand Following:
    Give your customers the ability to “follow” or “subscribe” to your content to make potential purchases and build your brand’s credibility
Our messaging platform supports multi-channel messaging, that allows you to reach customers on the channel of their choice. The platform is designed to help you scale, analyze, and differentiate your communications.

Messaging allows you to connect with your customers, and employees – and send them relevant information. Through our advanced technology, you can send a message to multiple smartphone users and track the efficacy of your message. We can see who opens the message and what actions they take.

Below are some forms of messaging:

  • Promotional Offers:
    Reward your subscribers with promotional offers and discounts. Promote secondary purchases and increase your average revenue per customer.
  • News/Updates on Products/Services
    Give real-time updates on your new products and services to your customers.
  • Internal Communication to Employees/Stakeholders
    You can use our messaging platform to engage third-parties, employees, and other stakeholders on company information.