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The Facts Messaging Platform

Each customer is different, and prefers a different mode of communication. At Gentraf, we offer a wide range of communication channels to reach your customers.


Email marketing is used by 82% of B2B and B2C companies.
About 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices.

Text Messaging/Live Chat

Over 80% of North Americans adults text,
Text has a 98% open rate and over 90% are read within 3 minutes.
53%of customers would prefer to use online chat before calling a company for support.

Push Messaging

Push notifications boost app engagement by 88%.
65% of users return to an app within 30 days when push notifications are enabled.

Email Marketing

Email has been around for decades and still continues to be a very power communication platform. Effective and planned email communication is not just about blasting. You must create opt-in, rule based, and smart targeting campaigns that maximize the benefits of mass email. Give your website visitors access to an online sign up page so that they can join your distribution list. Better understand the effectiveness of your campaign and subscriber behavior by tracking opening and click through rates.

Sales: Announce new products, special offers, up-sell campaigns, and send newsletters. Keep your communication channel alive and continue to build a sales funnel. Get your audience engaged with relevant messages that deliver value. Email is a powerful for tool for lead generation, and in stimulating online sales.

Customer Service: Automate customer service and updates through our email platform. By automating customer service, you can improve customer experience and save labor costs.

Text Messaging

SMS is proven to have the highest open rates. Why not connect with your audience and deliver your messages through their mobile phone? Use Text Messaging to send critical alerts, capture a sales lead, and/or provide customer service. With Gentraf, you get a business SMS platform to create, send, and manage communication. Now you can smart target, archive, and manage your messages from a single platform.

Our platform allows both “short codes” and “landline texting”. Short codes enable fast delivery – up to hundreds of messages per second. Landline texting allows customers to easily send SMS text to your business phone number.

Mobile keywords enable businesses to collect subscriber phone numbers and contact information easily and send responses automatically. Engage your audience with two-way texting, voting/survey, or to entice them with special offers.

Push Messaging

Gentraf Mobile App incorporates Push Messaging to engage your app users in a sandbox and to get their attention. Push messages encourages users to open your app, and to use it more frequently. Send a push message to deliver:

Share new products, promotions, and event reminders with your app users. This ensures the users are always updated and that they are engaged with your business
Target Messages
You can decide if the messages goes to all the users, a select group of users, or just an individual user. Create groups to target people within specific departments or categories. Geotag your users to send messages to individualsthat last opened your app in a specific geographical area or address. Push notifications can automatically open a specific feature in the app, such as live chat, coupons, eStore, or any other feature.
Schedule Messages
Send quick messages or store multiple messages that can be scheduled to be delivered over a period of time.

Live Chat

Give your customers or employees the power to chat real time with your business. Customers can get immediate access to help and information. It is more efficient with wait times usually much less than a call center. Chat also helps businesses provide quick response to their customers without having to work through email or phone calls that typically consume additional time to respond.
With online shopping, many customers are often disconnected from a live person who can answer questions in real time. Live Chat gives customers instant turnaround to their questions and therefore helps convince them to make a purchase.
Customer Service
Customers are expecting quick responses. It can be fairly time consuming responding to customer emails and phone calls. As aresult, there is lower customer satisfaction and high cost to staff customer service operations. It is therefore necessary to speed up response time in order to provide exceptional customer service.
Help Desk
Chat enables help desks to deliver quick turnaround and superior support. Use live chat to respond to inquires, and for troubleshooting.It is also possible to share links to documents that can help provide support.