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Ideal for businesses that support Franchisees, Contractors, and Dealers

Mobile First

eCloudSpot advance Mobile-First interface delivers a superior experience for smartphone and tablet users. Mobile users can easily view digital resources, participate in a forum, and engage in Trivia.

Simple | Powerful | Secured

Evolve your Business

Simple to Use, Easy to Set Up Cloud Platform

For Technical, and Not So Technical Users

eCloudSpot CMS provides the flexibility to customize and set up a powerful, yet easy to use cloud platform for your business. Need more customization? We can customize to meet your needs.

Key Features

Share Digital Resources

We can create a simple to use digital hub. You will be able to share content and provide secured 24/7 access to digital documents, URLs, and videos. The easy to use icon-based interface works on Smartphones, Tablets and Computers. Deploy it as your company-wide resource centre or for a specific department or  group.

Clean Interface, Easy Navigation

The icon-based folder structure supports multiple layers. Quickly set up a department or category folder with sub folders. Select custom icons and labels to align with your business.

No Need to Download

View documents online without downloading them to smartphones or tablets. When required, however, downloads are optional

Easy to Find

The users are able to search for any digital resource based on keywords.

Single Preview Screen

Use mobile responsive vertical scrolling to browse multiple digital resources. No need to switch screens or open multiple tabs to view online resources.

User Compliance

Post documents that require User Acknowledgement or Acceptance of Terms before allowing the user access. Track users that complied and users that did not comply. Send a targeted message to users that did not comply or thank users that did.

Communicate  with Online Forum

Connect with your team anywhere, anytime. Support internal and external teams without any restriction on email domain or device type. Use unlimited messaging with one way or two-way communication.
The McKinsey Global Institute found that productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees.

Make an Announcement

Launching a new product or sending an update? Create a quick forum message and send it to a target group. The message can include links to documents and/or videos.

Encourage Discussion

Provide your team a platform to share ideas, feedback, and experiences. Create separate groups for different departments, and allow users to easily find relevant topics, stay engaged, and avoid confusion.

Get Assistance

Support teams deal with customer issues regularly, and many problems may not be reported or documented. Asking a bigger group that may have handled similar situations in the past may provide various options without trial and error.

When forum users post responses, over time it will create a network that will actively support the community. As forum posts get archived, your team can search the topic and responses.  

Engage the Audience

Keep your team engaged and excited. Set up quick Trivia to enhance their knowledge and get feedback.
According to the Mckinsey Global Institute, employees that exercise their strengths on a daily basis are 8% more productive and 6 times more likely to be engaged. Employees who are engaged are 27% more likely to report ‘excellent’ performance.

Keep Audience Engaged

Taking online trivia creates a fun way for users to connect with the brand or learning material.

Knowledge Enhancement

The team is more likely to deliver improved results when they have a better understanding of the products and services. Provide them the tools to learn and retain applicable information.
When users answer targeted questions, this data can be used  to better understand the knowledge gaps and develop additional tools to enhance knowledge.

Motivate and Reward

People get motivated by rewards. Track how your audience is responding to the questions and reward them for their participation.

Monitor Engagement 

Gain a better understanding of how users are interacting with the platform. Get insight on the usage, content in demand, number of logins, time spent, and more. For the cloud portal to be successful, it is crucial to understand how users are interacting with the platform. The reporting dashboard provides usage data and graphs so that you can make smarter decisions.

User Reporting

Understand user traffic on your business cloud platform, by seeing who is accessing it, how frequently it is used, and the total time spent.

Resource Access Reporting

Business cloud portals can have a large number of online resources for users to view. Get reporting on how often users are engaging with the documents, videos, and other digital resources.

Trivia Reporting

See how many users participated, which users answered correctly, and which ones need additional training or support.

Compliance Reporting

Some documents may require users to accept the terms before viewing them. Get a report on which users accepted document terms and which ones did not. Based on the user activity, you can send a direct follow-up message to a group or an individual user.