More customers are shopping online than ever before, and this trend is continuing to grow. Gentraf eCommerce platform provides your customers with an engaging shopping experience.


More customers are shopping online than ever before, and this trend is continuing to grow. Gentraf’s eCommerce platform provides your customers with an engaging shopping experience.

Sell 24 x 7, Sell Local, Sell Globally

Open a new store with our eCommerce solution. Create Omni Channel Experience for your Consumer and Business customers or open a new stand-alone online store.

eCommerce Platform

eShopton is our eCommerce platform, custom developed for TELUS, Bell, Rogers, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile Wireless and Telecom dealers. Dealers can set up online stores and open for business within days. Customers can then start ordering the latest Devices; Smartphones, Smart Watches, Tablets with Rate Plans, and Accessories. Integrate your platform with inventory management and a POS system.
For Retail and B2B eCommerce applications, our development team has the experience to customize the design, catalogue, and checkout process using WooCommerce, Shopify and, Magento platforms. We have the expertise to integrate with inventory management, accounting , and CRM systems


eCommerce for Wireless and Telecom Dealers

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Design
Give your customers the option to browse your store and order from any device. eShopton is a Mobile-First eCommerce platform and is designed to deliver a user-friendly shopping experience from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Aesthetically Appealing and Intuitive Design
Minimize the complexity of ordering devices with plans and accessories online. We make sure that your store looks attractive, clutter-free, and well managed. Our proprietary design provides an exceptional shopping experience and makes it easy for customers to shop.
Make it Simple
Carriers have multiple price options for every device. These options can be based on upfront cost, monthly payment, trade-in, and/or plan pricing. It can be hard to display so many great options without confusing the customer. eShopton proprietary design displays multiple options in a simple and clean format. Show your customers attractive purchase options so that they can make the right decision.
Upsell to Add Value
Customers are not just buying smartphones, they are also shopping for the latest Smart Watches, Tablets, and Accessories. eShopton supports all these devices and customers can order based on a monthly or one-time payment option.
Build Trust
Deliver great shopping experience by ensuring customers can see all the costs before placing an order. Display discounts, taxes, shipping charges, activation fees, one-time fees, and monthly charges.
Order Status Updates
Customers expect status updates after placing an order. Give your customers automated updates, based on the order status. Let them know when the order is approved, the payment is processed, when it has been shipped or when it is ready for pick up.

Advanced and Powerful CMS

Manage all the features using eShopton CMS platform.

– Manage orders and automated status updates.
– Set up a new customer – Consumer, Corporate Employee, and Business. Create custom pages to personalize the experience.
– Quickly assign new devices, plans, features, and accessories.
– Apply and discounts, special offers, shipping charges, and taxes.
– Quickly update device prices using eShopton Price Dashboard, Data Import, or POS Integration.
– Display important information by adding custom content.
– Integrate chat platform to deliver a superior customer experience.

Get Analytics

  • Analyze user traffic
  • Geographic location
  • Demographics
  • Behaviour and much more

Magento sets the standard for secure commerce solutions and is trusted by the world’s fastest-growing eCommerce merchant base.  Magento gives you the reliability you need to run your B2B or B2C business with confidence.


Magento Commerce is an endlessly customizable platform that evolves with you as your site traffic increases, and as you grow to multiple stores, brands, channels, or product configurations. You will also benefit from built-in global support, so you will be able to easily transact in multiple countries

Cloud hosting eliminates the costs of maintaining, monitoring, and hosting an eCommerce solution yourself. This there by reduces your total cost of ownership. A monthly subscription fee gives you a solution you can budget for. And when you need to add new capabilities, thousands of affordable e =-extensions are available.

eCommerce to Sell Products & Services

Sell anything :

From health food, to shoes, beauty products, catering, subscription services, and more, we have the expertise to plan, design, develop, and manage end-to-end eCommerce platforms.

Platform Choices :
Powered by Trust
WooCommerce is built on WordPress, this software powering more than 34% of the web. It is also regularly audited by Sucuri an industry leader in security.
No Limits
WooCommerce is entirely open source, which means you can modify and customize anything and everything. Because you have complete control, you can add unlimited products and users, and take unlimited orders.
A Modular Platform
WooCommerce is kept lean so you can add only the options that you want. It is also made to work along side your favorite WordPress plugins, so that you can keep the features you already love.

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