Telecom & Wireless Carrier

Our customer is one of the top 3 telecom companies in Canada. They are a national carrier that provides a wide range of telecommunications products and services including internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and IPTV television.
Our Services
Consulting | Business Cloud Development | Mobile App Development | Online Forms | Maintenance
Project Overview:
  • The customer has a significant English & French sales and service channel to support consumer and business customers.
  • As they provide multiple solutions through these channels, they wanted to give a quick and easy way to access sales and service resources for the field team.
  • The magnitude of services and a significant number of digital resources, make it hard to deliver content without overwhelming the field team.
  • Need for a live forum where technical staff can engage with each other across the country and help with resolving technical issues.
  • Create online installation forms for the technicians to submit to the back office.
  • Provide 24×7 access.
  • Developed a secured, high-performance bilingual cloud platform to host sales and support content, online forms, videos, and training material. The platform is based on Gentraf advance Mobile-First interface, icon-based for simplicity and quick access.
  • Developed a bilingual Native Mobile App for IOS and Android so the field team can access all resources from their mobile phone and tablet. The app offers valuable features including one platform to access all resources, push notification, secured login, support request form.
  • Developed an online chat forum for the technicians to support each other.
  • Forum Engagement: Technicians are actively collaborating and supporting each other to help resolve technical issues.
  • Digital Resource Access: Field team has become more productive and agile as they are able to access key resources 24×7 on their mobile devices.
  • Installation Form Submission: Technicians were on the road and found it hard to print and fill PDF forms. With our online forms, the submission rate has gone up significantly.
  • Productivity: Technical and Sales Team is spending less time searching for information and spending more time supporting customers.