Event Promoters

Organizing a local event, a trade show, or a company offsite? Engage your participants and keep them informed. Use the Website, App, Social Media, and Messaging platforms to connect and reach your participants.

Invite and Remind

Now that the event is scheduled, all you need is to get people there. Send a mass invitation or an exclusive one through the App or Text. Let them RSVP directly from the Mobile App or send a web registration link through Text Messaging. As the event draws nearer, send out a quick message to your attendees.

Keep them informed

As the event gets closer, keep your participants excited and informed. Share the agenda, speaker profile, vendor information, and housekeeping details in the Mobile App. Users can access essential information whenthey switch from one session to another. You can also provide live support to participants by integrating live chat. Respond to their questions or concerns quickly. Create a rewards program for the participants so that they are motivated and engaged to meet event objectives.

Distribute Mobile Coupons

Entice your audience with mobile coupons giving them even more incentive to attend your event. Get creative and implement fun specials. Discounts on drinks or cover charges are sure to get your invitees to your event in a hurry, and on time. All they have to do is show their mobile screen at the door or bar!