Not For Profit

Not for Profit organizations have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of our communities. As they continue to gain support for the cause, many non-profit organizations struggle with the concept of marketing themselves and their missions. Website, Social Media, and Messaging platforms enable organizations to create awareness within the communities they service, and to gain additional financial and volunteering support to achieve their goals.

Create Awareness

Creating awareness about yourcause and getting mass support from the community can be challenging. Engage your audience and gain support for your cause by using the website and social media platform. Make your communications channel mobile friendly and you can also reach a wider audience. Promote your organization’s goals and show how supporting your cause can impact the community.

Community Enagegement

Give your audience a chance to connect with you through their mobile devices. Let them download your Mobile App so they can know more about your goals, accomplishments, community events, and volunteer opportunities. Create a distribution list of your supporters and send them a push message for their support, or to share an update.

Achieve Goals

Two of the biggest challenges for non-profits are communication and funding. Now that you have a database of supporters, reach out to the community by sending push messages or text messages. Show them how they can donate or pledge directly from their mobile devices. Setup donations in multiple denominations so that everyone can contribute. Engage with local businesses and promote their brand in your app. Post volunteer opportunities and let your supporters apply directly from the app.