Telecom & Technology Resellers

Mobile Wireless and Technology is one of the faster-growing industries and is continuing to evolve at all times. As the market has reached high penetration, resellers are evaluating ways to acquire new customers, and increase revenue from existing customers. Digital and Social Media platforms present a unique opportunity for dealers to evolve and grow their business.

Customer Service

Customers love great support. Open communication channels with your customers through live chat, push messaging, online support requests, email, text, and more. When customers purchase a new product, give them quick access to tips/tricks and videos. Why not share upcoming product launches or provide online training that they can access?

Aquire new customers

With high market penetration and limited differentiation between different resellers, it is getting harder to acquire a new client and maintain profitability. The current sales process may be resulting in a higher cost and lower margins. Mobile, Digital, and Social Media enable dealers to drive client engagement and generate leads for the sales team to develop and close.

Manage existing customers

Digital, Social Media, and Messaging platforms are ideal for up-selling services to existing customers.They can also provide superior customer service allowing you to differentiate yourself from the competitors. Create an eCommerce store using the app and website. Showcase new products and notify your customers through push messaging, texts, and email.